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21.09.2020 Ansa Terra&Gusto

Foodservice: 5 trends in the post-Covid era

21.09.2020 L'Eco di Bergamo

Covid and smart working affect the lunch break

21.09.2020 La Nuova Sardegna

How the lunch break has changed

21.09.2020 Sky Tg 24

Covid and smart working, this is how the Italian lunch break has changed

20.09.2020 Federvini

Post Covid: 5 new food&beverage trends

01.08.2020 Beesness

Augusto Contract for Kohi Tokyo 1982

10.06.2020 Mi Tomorrow

Caffè pour over

09.06.2020 InStore Magazine

Alice Pizza Milan Milanofiori

09.06.2020 FoodCommunity

Alice Pizza opens in Assago MilanoFiori

09.06.2020 Digital Nomads Lifestyle

Urban coffee experience: Kōhī Tokyo 1982

27.05.2020 Fine Dining Lovers

Restaurants openings in Milan

30.03.2020 Bartù

Interview: Giacomo Racugno, CEO Augusto Contract

MiCo Milano
Identità golose Milano MiCo Milano congressi, Italy
SIGEP Rimini Fiera di Rimini, Expo Centre, Italia
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