The renovation of public spaces is a complex activity because of the number and variety of actors that come into play, requiring a harmonious coordination of all tasks and people involved in each of the steps.

A general contractor is the one who guarantees an effective and high quality execution, respectful of deadlines and costs, as well as safety standards, respect for the environment, and for all the “stakeholders” involved.

Augusto, as general contractor, defines its working method by following a series of steps. Just like a real opera, it has an “overture,” and then a series of acts in which competent actors come into play, with the right tools.

Overture: Our understanding of the client’s business model.

First act: The architectural project.

Second act: The shop-drawings.

Third act: Production of the exclusive furniture just as specified, and the selection of the components from the furniture catalog.

Fourth act: Building and MEP works.

Fifth act: Installation of furniture and technical equipment.

Final: Tests and trial runs.

Closing credits: Elaboration of “as-built” designs, assistance and maintenance.

Behind the stage: Management of bureaucratic procedures for all necessary permissions and compliances.

The CONDUCTOR of the opera represents the Methodology

Each renovation is an OPERA ARTFULLY PERFORMED

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